Research Labs


The college has well – equipped chemistry laboratories with one exclusively used for MSc by papers. A new chemistry laboratory has been set up for admitting student desirous of pursuing MSc by Research presently under the guidance of Dr. S. V. Rathod.

CRL1 Three member Expert Team comprising Dr. Dharap, Dr. Kenkre & Prof Joshi at work carefully scrutinizing relevant documents


CRL2Three Member Expert Committee for recognition of Chemistry Research Laboratory


CRL3 Chemistry Lab Recognition Expert Team with I/c Principal, Vice Principal’s Degree College, I/c Registrar and members of the Chemistry Department




The zoology research laboratory is well equipped with reference journals, research theses, and scientific papers/publications. In addition there are latest scientific instruments like phase contrast microscope, laminar flow with chamber, centrifuge, shakers, cold storage (freezers), autoclave, etc. Under the guidance of Dr. Shantaj M. Deshbhratar, Head of the department and research guide, project and research work in under progress in varied fields of Ecology, Environmental studies, Reproductive Endocrinology & physiology, Habitat studies, etc.

ZoologyRL Dr. Shantaj Deshbhratar – Head of Zoology Department at work in the Research Lab




Summary-Project 1
Summary-Project 2

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