Placement Cell

placementPlacement forms an integral part of our institution and therefore, it is but natural that it has been accorded a prime position in our academic functioning. The Placement Cell was started by Bhavan’s Somani College, with the purpose of ensuring, that our students through corporate interaction are well equipped to excel in all walks of life and are in a better position to handle challenges of real life working conditions.

Every year leading institutions, firms, industries and organizations visit the college campus to offer promising jobs to our students.

The Placement Cell first inquires about the job profiles of the approaching companies by contacting the Human Resources (HR) officer of the concerned company. Next the Cell creates awareness among the students of Campus Recruitment through class to class announcement, putting up Posters and Charts and display of public notices. The entire process is carried out under the guidance and support of the college authorities. The basic aim is to facilitate maximum recruitment among our student fraternity.

It is a pleasing fact that several leading companies have been in touch with the Placement Cell. They include

  1. HDFC (Mutual Fund) Co. Ltd.
  2. International School of Management & Technology(ISMT)
  3. ASAPP Media Information
  4. UXL Corporate Services
  5. Kraft Educational Services
  6. Nouveau Medicament(p) Ltd
  8. Wolf Park Networks
  9. D.S Acharya & Co. Chartered Accountant
  10. Burzin Daruwalla & Co Chartered Accountant
  11. Future tech India  Pvt Ltd.
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