Bhavan’s Somani College has a strong NSS unit. The objective of NSS is development of personality of students through community service. The motto of the NSS is ‘Not me but you’, which emphasizes the understanding of the needs of the community in which they work. This is inclusive of:

  • Development among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility
  • Application of their knowledge to finding practical solutions to both individual and community problems
  • Development of competence, requiring group-living and sharing responsibilities
  • Gaining skills in mobilizing community participation
  • Acquisition of Leadership Qualities and Democratic Attitudes
  • Development of capacities for meeting emergencies and disasters
  • Practice of National Integration. (Ask for NSS information)

The college NSS Unit is looked after by two Program Officers, who monitor the involvement and duties performed by students. Students are divided into groups where a group leader keeps a check on the students and presents a Report to the Program Officers, who after scrutiny only certify the completion of the requisite 120 hours of social service, which is attested by the Principal before being forwarded to the University.
In addition the Students’ Council of the College also organizes several community related activities. The General Secretary of the College looks after these activities and provides a Report to the Principal and the Teacher in Charge.

Every year the Program officers personally move from class to class providing the students first- hand information on the Motto and Vision of NSS Program and motivating students to enroll for NSS Programs. The response of the students is overwhelming, only demonstrating the goal of inculcating social values among the student Volunteers.

Table on budgetary allocation to NSS

A number of programs have been initiated in the last four years. A few of them are mentioned as detailed below:

  1. Awareness Campaign for water borne diseases in July 2011
  2. Malaria Awareness Campaign in August 2011
  3. Distribution of HIV Bands in August 2011
  4. Peace Rally in August 2011, where volunteers were sensitized about the disaster in Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  5. Blood Donation Drive and Thalassemia check- up are a regular feature being conducted in August 2011 & 2012, in July and August 2013, February 2012, January 2013 &2014.
  6. Guru Purnima Celebrations, Independence Day Celebrations, Raksha Bandhan Celebrations, are all a regular feature
  7. Helping Mumbai Police and Traffic Police in maintaining Traffic Discipline during the festive seasons of Ganesh Chaturthi
  8. Making eco-friendly Ganapatis, Eye Donation Drive, Beach Cleaning Drive, Aids Awareness Drive, Tree Plantation Drive etc.
  9. Our students were selected to perform street plays on drugs abuse by the Crime Branch- Narcotic Cell of Mumbai Police.

The Student Council of our college along with the NSS Unit had organized an Anti-Smoking Week in consultation with the college authorities. This included a Poster Competition, Street Play, Mock Parliament and Rally. Over 2000 students including students from all South Mumbai Colleges participated in the Rally. Its impact was such that the shops selling tobacco products in the vicinity of the college downed their shutters and our students did not hesitate to stop people from smoking during the course of the Rally.

Awareness is the stepping stone to encouragement. While a general notice is displayed and circulated among the students, the NSS Program Officers move from class to class to explain the aims, objectives and motto of NSS. This is followed by an Orientation Session.

As per Ordinance 0.229A, ten grace marks in the aggregate at the annual examination are given to students who successfully complete the required conditions. This is applicable to NCC/NSS/ Sports and Cultural Activities. The College Prospectus conveys this fact to the students seeking admission to the institution. This leads to healthy enrolment of students in NCC and NSS.

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