It is mandatory for students seeking admission to first year degree college to register online and submit the print out of the same along with the admission form to the college office.

All Admissions are provisional, their confirmation being subject to the approval of the University of Mumbai / State Board of Secondary Education. Every student shall fill in a fresh admission form and pay the necessary fees at the beginning of every year.

At the entry point, 52% of seats are reserved for backward class candidates. However, if the adequate number of backward class candidates does not seek admission to our college, the vacancies will be filled with students from the "open" category, provided, an application for the same in the prescribed form duly filled in is received with the necessary fees within the prescribed time.


Degree College Admission

  1. Application forms for admission to the first year Degree College will be made available from the day the H.S.C. results of Maharashtra State Board are announced and on subsequent days as per the schedule announced by the University of Mumbai.
  2. Applicant from other Universities / Statutory Boards must submit their Statements of Marks of the latest examination passed, by attaching the certificate of passing and must also produce the Provisional Statement of Eligibility granted by the Registrar, University of Mumbai. Application for the Statement of Eligibility must be made directly to the Registrar, in the prescribed form, with the prescribed fee.
  3. Students can be admitted provisionally at their own risk on the strength of the provisional Statement of Eligibility. But they are required to submit (1) Statement of Marks. (2) Passing Certificate and (3) Migration Certificate in the original, issued by the Registrar of the University or the Secretary of the public body concerned, together, with two photo copies in the College Office at the time of admission.
  4. Students coming from other constituent colleges of this University are required to produce their Transference Certificate from the previous college. Students are required to apply for the Transference Certificate in a prescribed form available from the College Office and have to pay the necessary fees to the College Office. However, it is entirely the responsibility of the student to obtain this certificatefrom the previous college and submit it to the Head Clerk in the College Office.
  5. Student seeking admission after passing an examination of a foreign examination body has to submit only Statement of Marks and Passing Certificate.


Junior College Admission

From the academic year 2008-2009 the Dy. Director of Education, Mumbai Region has introduced on line admission for FYJC Classes. For obtaining the details the students should approach their respective schools, in which they were studying and get the information booklet and on line admission proforma from the said school. The cost of the information booklet is Rs. 150/-


Students who seek admission to the Junior College classes and who have passed the public examination of the Statutory Boards, recognized Bodies and Universities outside  Maharashtra State will have to produce the Eligibility Certificate. For this purpose they are required to apply in a prescribed form to the Divisional Secretary, along with a fee of Rs. 500/- Such students seeking admission to First Year / Second Year of Junior College are required to submit the following certificates:

    1. Statement of Marks
    2. Passing Certificate
    3. School-Leaving Certificate / Transference Certificate with counter- signature thereon by appropriate educational authority in relevant cases.
    4. Migration Certificate
    5. Character Certificate

A student who is regular in attendance during the first term will be considered as duly enrolled for the second term also, unless he/she informs in writing of his/her intention to leave the College, on or before 13th October

Students who fail to give such information before the commencement of the second term will be required to pay the fees for the second term.


N.B.: Students joining the F.Y.B.A. / F. Y. B. Sc. / F.Y.B.Com. class after passing H.S.C. Examination of the Maharashtra State Board Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Bombay, Pune, Aurangabad or Nagpur Division will have to pay the Enrolment fees of Rs.200/- plus Rs.20/-(for enrolment form) to the University of Mumbai through this college, at the time of admission.

Note: Backward class students are not required to pay any fees at the time of admission. The students are advised to preserve carefully, their receipts. A duplicate fee receipt will not be issued without the special permission of the Principal.

Note: Deposits will be refunded to the students only twice during the year, between 5th September and 20th September and between 1st December and 15th December. Deposits are refundable only to those students who leave the College for good. Whenever a refund is claimed it is necessary for the applicants to apply in the prescribed form (in duplicate) which is available from the College Office and to produce the original receipts and identity cards given to them by the College Office.

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